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10 Things You Need to Know About Advisory

This is an essential guide for any accountant interested in delivering profitable and structured Business Advisory services for their clients.


The traditional accountancy firm model is under attack from uncontrollable external forces resulting in

  • Downward fee pressures
  • Reduced client loyalty
  • Increased competition

It is clear that the role of the accountant is no longer as valued by clients as it was previously. Real change is imminent and those who don’t understand the challenges and how to react, will be left behind. The biggest threat is that we allow the fact that we are still busy with traditional services to get in the way of starting to make changes now, in order to succeed in the future.

This Guide Will Help You

Expose the Myths

understand the many misconceptions surrounding Business Advisory services

Uncover the Realities

discover the true meaning of client facing Business Advisory Services

Explore the Key Areas

the 10 most important things about delivering Business Advisory Services

Make an Informed Choice

this isn’t hype it’s real and knowledge is power and provides you with the information to make choices

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