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Month: December 2018

Do We Really Know Our Clients as Well as We Think?

Richard Walters December 18, 2018

We think we know most of what we need to know about clients, especially long-standing clients, but in one strategic review I ran for a client, I found out, I just didn’t know everything. The clients were a four-partner professional practice who I had acted for over several years. When we first won the clients […]

The AGREE Process (an alternative to selling)

Richard Walters December 11, 2018

Accountants hate the hard sell, either to them or by them. However, if you are genuinely interested in helping clients and interested in what they want and need, a much more progressive and healthy approach is to see gaining a ‘yes’ as a natural professional process. This perspective enables us to avoid any hint of […]

Compulsory or Discretionary?

Richard Walters December 4, 2018

Accountants’ business model has been around for centuries, worked brilliantly and were built on trust and very effectively optimized the business community’s lack of financial acumen and expertise. If we as accountants worked hard, built-up our specialist financial knowledge and delivered it in the ultimate blanket of trust and confidentiality, in most cases, we couldn’t […]