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Month: February 2019

Is Advisory for You?

Richard Walters February 26, 2019

Most accountants joined the profession because they realized they had a logical mind and were good with figures. It also helped that accountants typically were well paid and successful in society. However, with the impact of the Digital Revolution, online accounting, digital tax and new client demand everyone realizes (hyper-efficient) traditional services, PLUS advisory services […]

The Magic of Time

Richard Walters February 19, 2019

Accountants have always lived by the clock and charged by the clock and let’s be honest, clients have never liked this, have they? Time is a strange phenonium. Do the 15 minutes spent sitting in the Dentist’s waiting room, anticipating your tooth extraction, seem like the same time as 15 minutes spent playing in the […]

We Have So Much Going for Us

Micheal O'Neill February 12, 2019

We are constantly being told that the profession’s future is under threat, but it has to be said that today we are doing pretty well, aren’t we? However, one of the biggest threats to the profession is not the future changes driven by technology, because they will occur anyway. It’s that whilst accounting firms are […]

Getting Off That Chargeable Hour Hamster Wheel!

Richard Walters February 5, 2019

When one’s goal in life is highly focused and single-minded it can be easy to become fixated and with tunnel vision on one objective and behaviours. This can be the case with chargeable hours. Why wouldn’t you want to generate fees and earn more? Unfortunately, business life isn’t this simple. All business owners need to […]