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Month: March 2019

They Want More and More and More from Us.

Richard Walters March 26, 2019

Rather than providing accountants with leisure time, the Digital Revolution seems to have resulted in accountants working harder than ever before and for marginally improved earnings results. In fact, in terms of a new business model, that is fit for the Digital Age, ‘busy’ could be a four-letter word and not the traditional badge of […]

Sometimes It’s Better to Know Who You Don’t Want as Clients

Richard Walters March 19, 2019

When I was in practice, we would often lead our new client programme with a focus on an initial facilitated strategic review for prospects or newly won clients. This enabled us to find out what really drove them on, their goals and key business drivers and it got the relationship off on a great highly […]

It’s One Thing Saying It, But…

Micheal O'Neill March 12, 2019

It’s been many years since the subject of Type 1 (compliance) and Type 2 (the rest) services were first raised by industry Thought Leaders and some firms and partners embraced these new advisory centered services and generally these firms have flourished. These were the profession’s early adopters, but in my opinion, we have permanently entered […]

The Problem with Problem Solving

Richard Walters March 5, 2019

Because modern advisory services have to be client-centric, this means they cannot simply be technical consulting problem-solving. Let me make it absolutely clear that I am a great fan of clever technical consulting and have enormous respect for all the time, effort and experience that goes into creating genuine expertise. In fact, consulting fees represent […]