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Month: May 2019

The Power of Talking

Richard Walters May 23, 2019

Do you sometimes have clients where the owners or directors seem to constantly be bickering and arguing over apparently minor matters? I certainly did and one such manufacturing client had a managing director, a sales director and a finance director. A well-balanced team you would say, plus hard working, dedicated and passionate. So what was […]

The Value of Long Term Relationships

Richard Walters May 7, 2019

Quite simply, a relationship, describes at any moment in time, how each person feels about a particular human interaction. Clearly, the relationship may flourish and wane, dependent upon circumstances, the actions of each party, individual and collective perceptions, and individuals will make judgments by asking these questions, often unarticulated: “How do I see the relationship?” […]

How to Appeal to Clients

Richard Walters May 7, 2019

We hear a lot about client engagement, but how do we really appeal to clients? I start by reflecting on the factors that drive an individual’s choice, as well as their moral compass, to engage or not, and these can be summarised as: What’s on offer to them and whether they perceive it will make […]