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Bio Richard Walters - Ireland

Richard Walters is one of the world’s leading experts on strategic planning for owner managed businesses and led the way as the inventor and author of the Strategic Planning Toolkit and the Complete Advisory Solution, which have been successfully used by accountants in practice with their clients for over a decade now in the UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and the USA

Richard formed his own practice from start-up with a co-founder and developed it over several years, to become a multi-million-pound practice. He developed an expertise in facilitated strategic planning for entrepreneurial clients and his practice Harris Walters, developed a significant niche in advisory services, which led to it being acquired by a UK Top 10 accountancy firm. Richard is now CEO of HWL Innovation Limited, a company who are a subsidiary of a major International Group and who specialise in developing solutions to improve business performance and customer engagement.

He is also a serial entrepreneur and has owned and managed his own businesses since the age of 23 and notably took one business in partnership with others, from an innovative cottage industry boiler manufacturing start-up to its ultimate sale to a public listed company and to this day it is Europe’s biggest selling electric flow-boiler.

Richard is a passionate author, with his book sales on business success and strategy, marketing and people engagement having sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. He has also written several humorous and observational books on human behaviours beyond just the business environment. All Richard’s books are available on Amazon and his author website is

Richard is married with three children and at the time of writing has four wonderful grandchildren.

Richard’s core belief is that business is all about people and that only through belief, vision and action do people gain the success they want.