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Towards or Away-from?

Motivation to change by new actions can also be summarised in the form of two types of progress;

‘Towards-progress’ and

‘Away-from progress.’

‘Away-from progress’ tends to be the initial motivation to change, but can also be short-lived.

‘Towards progress’ tends to be longer-term and can be seen as life-changing.

These can best be explained with a simple metaphor. If you imagine yourself in the middle of a long room, at one end of the room is a roaring warm fire and at the other end is a block of freezing cold ice.

Do you move towards the warmth of the fire or away from the cold block of ice, as either way, towards or away from, you are moving in the same direction?

Contrary to what we would probably want to believe, most of us make decisions to change our actions based upon emotion, supported by logic and not the other way around. Worrying, isn’t it?

Simplistically, our right brain controls emotions and our left brain logic.

Furthermore, we can summarise these drivers to take action into three simple types, two emotional and one logical:

Wants – where we are emotionally driven to want something.

Not Wants – where we are emotionally driven to not want something, such as difficulty.

Needs – where we clearly need to do something, but for some reason, which could be denial, we don’t feel the fear of pain strong enough YET!

Often the best driver for change is that of not wanting pain or difficulty, as we genuinely seem to require something significant to move us away from comfortable, as that dry warm cave can be very alluring!

The complex inter-dependant behavioural process can be summarised as:

  • Thoughts (left brain – needs) create our feelings.
  • Perceived results experienced from behaviours, put through the filter of Self-Identity, reinforce our thoughts.
  • Feelings (right brain – wants and not wants) drive our behaviours.
  • Behaviours are driven by our thoughts.

Change involves breaking this cycle with fresh thoughts and actions and ‘not being comfortable enough yet’ is a state where we know something isn’t right, or we want change, but we haven’t yet found the right momentum to change, and the key word is ‘yet’.

It’s seems that it’s only when we are really hungry, that we venture out of the cave!

Quote of the Week

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” 

– Jeff Bezos

Book of the Week

Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand

– JR MacGregor

 The story of Bezos traces a path through his life as a youth and looks at his action and his achievements and deciphers the existence of his greatest achievement – Amazon – in a way that is reflective of his character, his intellect and his upbringing.

His story is unlike any of the other successful people in history. His brand of work ethic is familiar but different.